Mercedes MayBach

Model: Mercedes
Modification: MayBach
Engine: 4.7 ( 460 л.с.)
Transmission: Автоматическая
Drive: Полный
Doors: 4
State: Идеальное
Color: Черный, Белый


  Hour Day 2 days > 2 days Weekend rate
(Fri - Mon)
Events, shooting Additional services
Weekdays 4000 25000 25000 Договорная сутки Contract Delivery = 3000 RUB
Photographer = 5000 RUB
Video = Contract
Certificate = Free
Weekend 4000 25000 25000 Договорная
Hour 4000
Day 25000
2 days 25000
> 2 days Договорная
Weekend rate
(Fri - Mon)
Events, shooting Contract
Additional services Delivery = 3000 RUB
Photographer = 5000 RUB
Video = Contract
Certificate = Free


Rent Mercedes-Benz Maybach

Mercedes Maybach is a premium car from DaimlerChrysler concern. Only 300-500 cars a year find their owners, which indicates the high status of a driver. This model was first demonstrated to the world in 1997 in the form of a concept, and in 2002 the production of a serial model began.


This luxury sedan can successfully compete with such gems of the automotive industry as the Rollce-Royce Phantom and Bentley GT. However, the company's refinement of design, soft lines and a special charm of Mercedes-Benz distinguish Maybach. In addition, the car is equipped with the latest engineering technology: ergonomic seats, motion control systems, modern electronics, acoustics, luxurious interior upholstery, there is even a block of air aromatization!


The target audience of Mercedes-Benz Maybach is super-rich and confident in their financial well-being people who are not used to be exchanged for trifles and compromise. If you want to feel like an Arab Sheikh, an oil tycoon or a successful businessman, make your dream come true with CARLoson. Make yourself or your loved ones a pleasant and unexpected surprise – rent a status car, emphasize the importance of the moment!

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